Heart blue hot water bottle to personnalize and rattle


For a birthday gift boy, hot water bottle cover in beige felt in front and reverse in blue felt. Blue felt heart stitched on the front cover of the hot water bottle topped by listing your choices in blue embroidery. Doudou beige, white and blue rattle NATTOU the brand is inserted into the heart of blue felt. Reverse features “Les Bouillottes de Béa” in beige logo. Natural rubber bottle. This bottle fits inside the back of the cover like a pillow in a pillowcase. Comes with a natural rubber hot water bottle and rattle.

Cover is made ​​up of French creation and in French workshops.

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62,42 €

* Maximum 15 caractères, attention 1 espace = 1 caractère

Data sheet

Capacity 2 liters
Dimensions 40 x 23 cm
Cleaning dry
Packaging Packaged in pouch packaging