French creation

Our products are therefore French Creation

Since 2008, these trendy and stulish collections have complemented each other and grown rich over the years.
Les Bouillottes de Béa is a trademarked brand of covers for natural rubber hot water bottles.
Tradition and innovation remain our brand’s creative driving forces.
The feelings of wellbeing and comfort created by the hot water bottles are thanks to an entirely French creation made possible by a meticulous selection of raw materials and suppliers.
Displaying the «French Creation» how strength and determination with our fierce desire to keep the manufacture of our products in France.
This leads us to work closely with the garment workshops located in Roanne (42), to Angoulême (16), to Nîmes and Ales (30).
These professionals bring us their expertise and an impeccable source of proactive production solutions.

Each Bouillottes de Béa brand hot water bottle cover comes with a safe 55% of natural rubber hot water bottle which has been approved by the REACH regulation.
Our products are therefore French Creation, with the exception of the natural rubber for the bottles.
For more than fifteen years, no further production of natural rubber hot water bottles has been made in France, much less in Europe.
The manufacture of these bottles is strictly regulated and they are directly imported from Asia, where they are made with natural rubber that is primarily produced and harvested locally.

NOTE: For the collection of Hot Water Rollers ZEN, the kettle water marketed with our covers is a water bottle made from synthetic polymers in FRANCE in the department of Allier (03).