Hot water bottle basics

10 good reasons to use a hot water bottle

Using a hot water bottle: An ECO-FRIENDLY gesture for absolute WELLBEING..

1 – For responsibility to the environment: Obtain heat differently with a little warm water and a pretty hot water bottle.

2 – For more restful sleep: Lower the heating in your room and sleep with a hot water bottle.

3 – To never again have cold feet: At the office or in front of the TV, the cosy Charembouille will give your feet a soft feeling of heat and wellbeing.

4 - To enjoy the Cocooning feeling of heat: Simply hold a hot water bottle against your body.

5 - To relieve small aches and pains: With the around the neck hot water bottle and the hot water bottle backpack, it will be easy to relieve pain in these sensitive zones.

6 - To relax the muscles in the neck, just apply the around the neck hot water bottle and feel the soothing relief.

7 – Bring back childhood memories and renew the traditions of our grandmothers with a hot water bottle.

8 - To bring comfort and warmth to both old and young.

9 – Filled with cold water to soothe a sprain, alleviate the feeling of heavy legs or escape the effects of a heat wave.

10 – Simply using a hot water bottle adds pleasure to the daily routine.

Wellbeing with a hot water bottle

The hot water bottle has unequalled comforting benefits as well as therapeutic action thanks to thermotherapy.
A hot water bottle for simple wellbeing and to alleviate small aches and pains.
Take pride in using a hot water bottle or in giving one as a gift.

The traditional hot water bottle or the Zen Pebbles hot water bottle: A pretty hot water bottle to be used without moderation.
- To relieve tummy aches when your child feels distressed or stressed, and for women during their menstrual cycles.  
- To use when feverish or suffering from the flu.
- To achieve more restful sleep by lowering the temperature of your room by a few degrees (and to save on heating), sleep with a hot water bottle.
Up to 8 hours* of heat (*time of heat retention in bed)

The around the neck hot water bottle: A new hot water bottle shape, lengthened and made from natural rubber, then slipped into an animal print fabric, embroidered terrycloth, sailor stripes, printed fabrics, faux fur…
With a little warm water, this lengthened hot water bottle will use its soothing heat to relax the nape of the neck and alleviate soreness.
For long-lasting wellbeing and unparalleled comfort, it can also be adapted for use on the shoulders and the back for up to 4 hours* of heat (*approximate time of heat retention depending on room temperature).

The hot water bottle backpack!
A hot water bottle for the back!
A hot water bottle that leaves your hands free while heating your back and enabling you to relieve soreness thanks to the diffused heat of warm water contained in this hot water bottle.
Wear it wherever you are… at home, at the office, on the street, while biking or hiking… the hot water bottle backpack will accompany you during your day to heat your muscles and relieve your small aches and pains.

Charembouille® : A hot water bottle so you’ll never again have cold feet
The carpet slipper design and décor will provide a cosy environment for your feet and heat them thanks to the hot water bottle inserted into a pocket located between the sole and the bottom of Charembouille®.
Relaxation and comfort during winter evenings is guaranteed when you’re not suffering from cold feet in front of your TV or computer.

A hot water bottle that can also be cold
- Can also be used COLD by putting it in the refrigerator (not freezer) for 1-2 hours and applying to a painful zone of the body to relieve a sprain or tendinitis, heavy legs or the effects of a heat wave or long day spent on your feet.
- You can also slip it into your bed on summer evenings so that your sheets are cool when you come to bed.

Directions for Use

  • Fill the bottle 3/4 full with hot but not boiling water.
  • After evacuating the steam, screw the cap closed without forcing it.
  • Slide the hot water bottle into its cover
  • After use, empty the bottle and store with the neck facing down, without the cap.
  • Do not put in microwave.
  • Keep out of reach of unsupervised children.