About us

Near 10 years !

Since January 2008, these trendy and stylish collections have complemented each other and grown rich over the years. Tradition and innovation remain the brand’s creative driving forces. The comforting heat of les Bouillottes de Béa is part of daily life, adding refinement and relaxation to your world. The feelings of wellbeing and comfort created by the hot water bottles are thanks to an entirely French creation made possible by a meticulous selection of raw materials and suppliers. The common thread is a desire to offer an elegant, practical and essential product..

Buoyed by the succès of her own brand of original hot water bottles, created, Béatrice has added to her growing team.

Our Team

We make every possible effort to ensure that your purchase of a Bouillotes de Béa hot water bottle is as pleasant as possible, but we’d like to remind you that behind your screen is a team of human beings ready to answer all of your questions at: 09 54 72 56 43 (there is a real person on the line, you don’t even need to press * for service).

If, despite our best efforts, you are still not fully satisfied, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find a solution to your problem, and with a smile!

Anne Condemine
Management - Accounting


Beatrice Leduc Rive
Creator and Leader


Christelle Patient
Christelle PATIENT
Communication Officer & Webmaster