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More than 120 shops in France and Europe carry our products already, why not you?

Whether you are a merchant, reseller or head of a large national brand… You want to stock the brand Les Bouillottes de Béa .              
Do not hesitate to contact us using the form on the “CONTACT” page by specifying your SIRET number so that we can provide you access codes for our business to business pages. You will then have access to our general terms of sale, conditions, rates and minimum order sizes for businesses.

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Hot water bottles personalized with your brand name:

If you direct or manage a bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, spa, wellness centre, tourist office, communications agency, club or an association… The hot water bottles by Béa are personalized to communicate the image of your establishment or brand.           
These companies already trust us to communicate and convey their image with our hot water bottles. Current trends such as sustainable development, cocooning and natural solutions for wellbeing make this hot water bottle personalized with your band name a product in demand.