The Bouillottines®

Les Bouillottes de Béa innovate again and again will present their latest creation: The Bouillottines®

1,2,3 ... and 4, The Bouillottines go by for 4!

Dial the package that suits you by choosing from more than 30 differents covers and buy at "LOWER PRICE" by selecting them 4.

Unit: 17,90 € - For 2: 30.90 €- For 3: 43.90 € and with 1 € more per ... 4: 44.90 €


Tradition and innovation

Since 2008, tradition and innovation remain our brand’s creative driving forces. The feelings of wellbeing and comfort created by the hot water bottles are thanks to an entirely French creation made possible by a meticulous selection of raw materials and suppliers and French workshops in which our covers are made.


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